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Fraud Ishq (2020) Hindi Unrated Hdrip


Description :Meghna a housewife is watching Rahul exercise from her balcony then goes to his house persuading him to sleep with her. But Rahul refuses to do so but eventually has no choice as Meghna blackmails him. After some time Rahul's girlfriend arrives who is meeting him for the first time as they met through social media. She tries to make love to Rahul but disoriented with the previous event Rahul is unable to do so. Confessing everything to her they go to Meghna's house and warn her to stay away, but Meghna defies them and threaten's to kill anyone that will get in her way. Find out how the Secrets and truths unfold, how Rahul ends up in a situation like he is in and what does one do to get out
Movie Name :Fraud Ishq (2020) Hindi UNRATED HDRip
Category :Latest Bollywood Movies (2020)
Genre :Hot, Romance
Starcast :Sharanya Jit Kaur, Ashwini, Gaurav
Release Date :2020
Duration :21 min

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